Get your brand together

Kabloi is an online platform for storing, sharing, and managing your brand. Rather than dealing with project files that are spread to the four corners of your Intranet, Kabloi brings everything (and everyone) onto a single web-based platform. 

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All brand assets at your fingertips

Kabloi includes an efficient DAM (digital asset management system) where you can store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital content. This will help you get more value from your digital assets such as images, infographics, documents and videos. There is a fast and easy search based on keywords and you can also filter on the type you are looking for.

To keep it extra handy, create your own collections, tag assets as favorites and easily share or download.

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On brand, forever

In creating new campaigns and websites for a brand, consistency is key. Colors, fonts, tone — everything needs to gel. Kabloi keeps brand guidelines in the top nav so you can access the information you need to keep your creations on brand.

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Collab with your team 

Specific feedback is easy to give. Stick comments on assets themselves, or leave general comments down below. Upload a new iteration based on the feedback. Rinse and repeat.

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One price. All features.

 All of your favorite features and pay only for the people you invite. Limitless projects. Tons of storage. Endless scheduling happiness.